International Taxation : Transfer Pricing

Following an exceptional, well recognized methodology we have been able to offer complete solutions as International Taxation Advisory that includes transfer pricing in India and as per double taxation avoidance agreement, we render to our clients a collection of solutions and tax services that meet their large demands and allow them to optimize their global tax position.

  • Transfer Pricing in India
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement Services

We have a host of tax professionals who has been support us in best possible way to offer services of Transfer Pricing in India. These transfer pricing services help the clients in calculating the alternative business structures from a transfer pricing planning view point for optimized part of revenues between the group entities. These services are precious by the following transaction:

  • Examine the agreements and estimating the profit
  • Legal Drafting and surrender to Income tax Department
  • Litigation Support and Representations
  • Representation
  • Corporate and Business Tax Consulting
  • Transfer Pricing Planning and support
  • Analyzing the public data bases
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