Transfer Pricing : Public Databases

Public databases on various industries, their turnovers, their business activities, their profit margins, their trends, and reviews on the industrys’ progress quarterly, half-yearly, annually, have been analyzing by us, both statistically and theoretically predicting the correct picture on functionality, analysis on fixed assets and their risks in various businesses at large. The following can be analyzed from the public data bases:

  • Company’s Annual Reports
  • Director’s reports
  • Management Discussion and Analysis reports
  • Notes to the Accounts
  • Auditor’s reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance Sheet
  • Related party Transactions
  • Nature of Business
  • Profit margins

In India, there are two public data bases viz., Prowess from CMIE ( Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy ltd ) and Capitaline-2000 from Capitaline Market India pvt. Ltd. These public data bases are using by the tax payers as well as by the Indian Revenue Authorities.

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