Transfer Pricing Guide

A good guidance on Transfer pricing is a real risk-free planning. But who will predict that risk before hand. No-one except ours. We will predict the unpredictable tax risk always with our good expertised professionals / consultants who have specialized on Transfer Pricing and on international taxation matters

A good guidance and planning is needed to substantiate all the international transactions which should be at Arm’s Length Standard. We are first in the world to give guidance in a proper manner and according to market rates and trends, the arm’s length pricing will be fixed without any tax risk for ever. This should be changed year to year and business to business and industry to industry world wide.

The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, 2009 also will help and guide the Multi-nationals to avoid more tax risk. Every Multinational company follow the OECD Model and UN Model of conventions while reading with the local tax laws in their own country and accordingly follow judiciously to avoid more tax risk as a guiding factor.

Before proceeding to deep in Transfer Pricing, one has to select the correct and suitable most appropriate method basing on their international transactions. Without selection of proper method, it cannot go and fix the arm’s length price. First analyze their international transactions and see that which method is applicable and more relevant so as to fix the arm’s length price in a manner in which the industry as a whole following the average pricing in the relevant industry.

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