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Brief Profile of the T P India Services:

Ours is a qualitative service provider on Transfer Pricing study on all types of industries. We have an expert team of professionals having varied experiences in International taxation as well as International Transfer Pricing. Our Services started since the year 2003 onwards and established now in a big way. The founder of the firm is Mr.P.Siva Rama Krishna, Chartered Accountant and has more than 20 years of experience in Direct Taxes in India. Our team of Transfer pricing professionals on transfer pricing, are always available to work in a more effective and qualitative manner with an innovative thoughts on this area of work

Mr.P.Siva Rama Krishna, Chartered Accountant:

Mr.P.Siva Rama Krishna, is basically FCA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and he is having varied experience in the Direct Taxes including International Taxation and International transfer pricing matters. He was having a qualification on Diploma in International Taxation certified by the ICAI, Hyderabad, India. He dealt many number of cases on Transfer Pricing since 2003 onwards till date and continuously working on transfer pricing matters on all types of industries.

Now, he is a consultant on Transfer pricing for this firm, M/s.TP India Services, Hyderabad doing actively all cases on transfer pricing.

Other Team Professionals:

There are more than 10 other Junior Chartered Accountants and Researchers ( MBA candidates) helping the firm in day to day activities and sharing the knowledge themselves. Besides, there are other ministerial staff to work on transfer pricing matters also.

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