TP India Service Capabilities:

TP India's Transfer Pricing Practice has wide analyzation of company’s business activity on facts of each case and based on analysis and OECD’ principles, which are successfully met by us with timely thoughts spontaneously, by our experienced experts in Transfer Pricing, globally to meet the composite TP needs and challenges of global multi-national companies (MNCs). Our expert advise can guide the associated enterprises on transfer pricing policies and measures more absolute and justifiable.

Transfer Pricing Issues / concepts /Strategy:

TP India's transfer pricing Chartered Accountants have large practice in this transfer pricing field and we have various Tax Consultants under the banner of our firm by giving guidance through professional consulting on various transfer pricing issues and concepts. Our main strategy is studying the concerned industry, billing methodology, transactions, pricing and adoption of correct Transfer Pricing Method.

TP India develops transfer pricing solutions and strategies that respond to Associated Enterprises’ objectives and national tax authority’s requirements through proper Tax planning in this area.

Compliance to Tax Authorities’ Rules and Requirements:

TP India guide customers on Transfer Pricing Study and document their global companies’ businesses, inter-company dealings in agreement with the tax regulation authority in the related countries in which they are functioning. TP India's offers a more realistic and dependable solutions that help clients / companies to fulfill authoritarian requirements and to maintain with arm’s length standards

Transfer Pricing Documentation / TP study :

TP India also offers clients / customers in providing online Transfer Pricing Documentation work, based on the inputs given by the clients. Further, suitable tax advise and consulting on fixation of Arm’s Length Price and adoption of most appropriate method will also be suggested. This documentation differs from industry to industry and company to company, but on the Transfer Pricing Laws and Concepts. We will provide similar functional comparables from various public data bases both locally and globally, after comparing the FAR Analysis (FAR : functional, Assets and Risk Analysis), basing on economic and market situation.

Industry Analysis and Review:

Analysis on various industries, their turnovers, their business activities, their profit margins, their trends, and reviews on the industrys’ progress quarterly, half-yearly, annually, have been analyzing by us, both statistically and theoretically predicting the correct picture and their risks in various businesses at large.

Risk management:

TP India provide practical and consistent approach and solutions on various risk appraisal and transfer pricing strategy on different risks that guide clients to complete regulatory requirements and fulfill with arm’s length standards.

Appellate authorities / Dispute Resolution Panel:

TP cases would be taken up to Appellate Authorities or Dispute Resolution Panel or MAP etc. with good Analyzation of cases, facts, figures, data analysis and analysis on comparables and considering fresh or additional evidences. The cases will be presented before the Authorities by experts on Transfer pricing Group in our firm with quality consulting to you.

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