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Globally, various issues / conflicts on International transactions have arisen to the Heads of Global Tax concerns, and to the Revenue Authorities, as worldwide trade has extended rapidly growing in the past, among all the countries in the world. India is non-member country in the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Revenue Authorities internationally have been following OECD’s principles/regulations as a main primary rule of law as well as laws of transfer pricing laid down in their own country, requiring multinational companies (MNCs) to document inter-company transactions and fulfill their pricing as within the arm’s length standard.

TP India's qualified and well experienced Indian Chartered Accountants/ Tax Consultants / Legal professionals are assisting our clients while following the guiding techniques of the global regulations (OECD’s) as well as specific regulations as per Indian Income-tax law, by providing customized-corporate-wise support and valid economic analysis to evaluate inter-company transfer pricing policies and to maintain the pricing as within the Arm’s Length Price.

We advise our clients in such a way by predicting the unpredictable tax risk and to reduce the tax burden from transfer prices by avoiding legally and thereby, enhancing their global resources and profit margins. TP India's transfer pricing experts exploit market-based transfer pricing techniques (market risk, business risk, functional analysis, Assets Analysis, value-chain, supply chain management and business structure analysis, industry analysis, analysis on data bases etc.), benchmarking study, and exact assessment methodologies to design inter-company transfer pricing policies adopted in sound business approach and well-established similar industry’s principles.

What we can do:(Online Services)

  • Preparing a transfer pricing study
  • Providing analysis on comparables
  • Providing a protest to the TP-audit
  • Handle matters in appellate stages / DRPs
  • Providing legal briefs / advises on tax avoidance while entering international transactions
  • Find a way out of the legal morass
  • Providing in-house training, drafting agreements, and billing methodologies.

What we can do:(Online Services)

TP India's Transfer pricing Practice has wide analyzation of company’s business activity on facts of each case and based on analysis and OECD’ principles, which are successfully met by us with timely thoughts spontaneously, by our experienced experts in Transfer Pricing, globally to meet the composite TP needs and challenges of global multi-national companies (MNCs). Our expert advise can guide the associated enterprises on transfer pricing policies and measures more absolute and justifiable.

  • Transfer Pricing Issues / concepts /Strategy
  • Compliance to Tax Authorities’ Rules and Requirements
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Industry Analysis and Review
  • Risk management
  • Find a way out of the legal morass
  • Representation before Appellate Authorities / DRPs
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