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Transfer Pricing planning is a must for every Multi-national Group companies considering their international transactions among the Group companies as well as with third parties, if any. For each international transaction, there is always a risk between the price as per books of account and the price as per transfer price or arm’s length price. For this, always, there will be a solution to maintain the price at Arm’s Length Standard. First you have to maintain and analyze the Transfer Pricing study and to prepare the study, we will give you the correct and timely solutions by our experienced transfer pricing experts. As per Indian Income-tax Act, the following is the position :

Maintenance and keeping of information and document by persons entering into an international transaction.

92D. (1) Every person who has entered into an international transaction shall keep and maintain such information and document in respect thereof, as may be prescribed

For some international transactions, some can feel that there is no solution for that. For example : royalty transactions ; buy back of shares ; corporate guarantees and ECB loan paid etc. We have a solution for these and as per Act and we can substantiate these transactions as Arm’s Length Standard.

We will plan in such a manner to do the business without any tax risk in the angle of transfer pricing and international taxation and you can avoid the tax risk peacefully as per the Act. We have a solution for each type of industry and for each type of international transactions to maintain the pricing at Arm’s length Standard. So, utilize our transfer pricing solutions for your queries or problems.

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